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Pet euthanasia is the humane, ethical end-of-life solution for a suffering or terminally-ill pet.

Pet Euthanasia in Stockton, CA

Pet euthanasia allows your pet to be painlessly and peacefully put to sleep. Pet euthanasia is always done by a licensed veterinarian. Pet euthanasia is not “putting down” or “killing” your pet. Pet euthanasia is a medical procedure and is done with the utmost respect and compassion for you and your pet. Pet euthanasia should only be considered when all other treatment options have been exhausted and when it is determined that your pet is suffering and has a poor quality of life. If you are considering pet euthanasia, we encourage you to call us at Geisert Animal Hospital in Stockton, CA so that we can help you through this difficult decision. We will answer any questions you have and provide support every step of the way.