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In Stockton, CA, Geisert Animal Hospital goes above and beyond, blending advanced veterinary medicine with individualized attention, to deliver exceptional care that nurtures health and deepens your connection with your beloved pets.

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Proudly established in 1972

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Providing excellent veterinary care and tenderness to patients

Our commitment is to provide excellent veterinary care and tenderness to our patients, compassion for their owners, and educate the community. This has been the foundation of our hospital since 1972. We place the care, diagnosis, and treatment of your pet as our primary concern.

The hospital prides itself on being an affordable animal hospital, with both modern equipment and a caring, compassionate staff.

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Get to know their names, faces, and stories so you’ll feel more familiar with us when you come in for your pet’s first visit. One of the strong points of our philosophy is our teamwork attitude and our emphasis on communication. We believe in the delivery of up-to-date services to our patients in the most compassionate and humane manner that we can carry out as well as being caring and sensitive with our clients. We place the care, diagnosis, and treatment of your pet as our team‘s primary concern.